Sunday, 1 July 2012

Spotlight Sunday - Quirky Bird - aka Helen Harding - Designer and Maker of textile soft sculpture decorations for the home

Special thanks this week must go to Helen Harding, also known as Quirky Bird, for agreeing to be interviewed and share her thoughts and ideas of being a Maker and Shaker. I can vouch for her and tell you that her creations are delightful!
What’s your name?
My name is Helen Harding and I have a folksy shop called Quirky bird.

In what form does your creating take?

I design and handmake textile soft sculpture decorations for the home in vivid and contrasting colours.
I love to use applique, ribbons and buttons as embellishments. I find the contrasting colours and creative process uplifting.
Describe your business?
I work from home, as I have 3 children one not yet at school. It all started with friends placing orders and buying from me, I then started to do a few craft fayres and markets and a couple of local craft shops started stocking my items. I now also supply my items further afield due to contacts I have made through my folksy shop and via facebook.

What are you offering?
Most of the items I make are one offs in terms of the colours, ribbons and button combinations I use, for me it's all part of the joy of making them. So I guess I'd say I'm offering something quirky and unique which has been designed and made with love.
How did you get started on your present art/craft?
Well, my Mother is an Artist and Photographer so I was brought up in a very creative environment, we were always encouraged to try lots of different arts and crafts, but my real interest in soft sculpture and applique began with a project I did for my A-level Textiles exam. ( a few years ago now!)

In a word, describe your creative process?
Colour Therapy (sorry 2 words)
What inspires you the most?
My garden on a blue skyed sunny day.

Who inspires you the most?
My Family and their endless encouragement.
Where does the magic happen?From my home workshop with a view of the garden, often with my kids sitting at the table next to me creating something.

What’s the most valuable piece of advice you can give someone considering starting up a business as a creator?

To have confidence in your creations. A lot of people I talk to under estimate their talent. Any other advice?To open a folksy shop to showcase your work and to set up a facebook fan page....It's surprising how many contacts you will make also the feedback is encouraging.

Where else can you and or your work be found on-line?

Please, pop over and see her Folksy shop and friend her on Facebook. together we are one :o)

Happy Creating all you makers and shakers out there.

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Thanks to those who have taken part so far (you are all AMAZING) and thanks to those who will join us in the future xxx

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I love Helen , she is a star ! :)X