Monday, 16 July 2012

HOW TO - Draw Doodle Leaves!

Hi folks..... if you saw my last post
and even had a go at these 
Fabulous Doodle Flowers!
you're going to LOVE these.

Once again... a step-by-step guide to creating your own 
Doodles....this time it's leaves!

1 dine line pigment pen
Some water based brush felt pens
and a water brush

First draw an outline of a leaf...

Then draw around the outline.....

Fill the inner leaf with a dot and dash pattern... vary it a little

Between the leaf and the outside line.... draw a loop pattern...
the secret is not to go too slow 
and not to take as much care as you may think....

That's the drawing done!... you can of course 
add more lines around the veins if you want.

Now choose some colours....These are the 3 I picked.....

Roughly go around the edges with the darker colour.....

Then add the lighter shade to the inner part of the leaf

I've added the light green in the middle for light

Then with a water brush....squeeze a little water onto the felt pen edges

Keep going .....

Working towards the middle....

The secret is to work from dark to light...

Rather than leave the edges white I picked up a brown 
and went around the edge with colour....

Again.... pick up the water brush and flood with water.
Don't get it too wet..... you can always add more,
 but taking the water away leaves the colours all pastel and washed out

TA DAAAAA! Here we have it..... your finished leaf!
You can always add more colour if you wish.
Little gaps of white make your painting sparkle.... 

AND... I couldn't resist printing a load out and cutting them up

They will look great on cards, journals 
and a variety of other paper crafts!

I hope you have a go at these Doodles.
Don't get too hung up on perfection...
remember they are meant to be fun 
and they are only Doodles after all.

Try other leaf shapes....
and please, if you do have a go....
leave me a comment and share your link 
in the comments list below.

Facebookers.... remember..... not everyone is on Facebook.... YET! 
Have a wonderful weekend xxx
This post is brought to you by Sue Simpson
aka - Sue 'Pixie sue' Simpson :-)

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