Wednesday, 25 July 2012

HOW TO - Doodle Inspiration

 I seem to have somehow 
caught a bug!....

a flippin' great dose of 
DOODLE BUGS that is!

Oooooer! I forgot how therapeutic these were!
And with a little bit of colour here......

And a little bit there.....
they can look amazing!

Check out those quirky heart flowers!

Painting with colour 
makes all the difference....
and brings it all to life!

Doodles are easy, quick and
 a fun and funky way
to wind down and relax...

Plus you can use them for all sorts of other crafts,
from card making to scrap booking.

Try it.... once you start you can't stop,
and the ideas will flow and grow.

Happy creating.

Any questions?
please leave a comment :o) 

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