Sunday, 22 July 2012

Spotlight Sunday - Caroline Armitt from Caroline’s Cool Jewels we are again....another Spotlight Sunday post and another wonderful Maker and Shaker has agreed to answer some on-line questions on herself and her business..... Already we have had over 600 visitors to this blog. In such a short period of time, this is truly amazing!
What’s your name?Caroline Armitt from Caroline’s Cool Jewels

Describe your business?
I make All kinds of things from Kids jewellery to men’s jewellery and everything in between, at the moment I am making a different range for my website with sterling silver and gemstones, I have also recently added a wedding range.
What are you offering?I offer a personal service to the customer creating a piece of jewellery they are completely satisfied with so they can either buy what I have made or use this as a guide and ask me to create exactly what they want.

How did you get started on your present art/craft?I got started making jewellery in September 2010, I needed to fill a void in my life since I lost my husband and had to give up work to look after my kids full time, I found myself bored in the evenings and discovered jewellery making.
I started and very quickly after I was doing jewellery parties for friends and relatives and it took off from there.I enjoy making and am very passionate about what I do and I think that comes across in my work.

In a word, describe your creative process?
I buy quality beads that I am drawn to, when I get the beads in front of me I get inspired by the shapes colours etc.

Who inspires you the most?I would have to say without shadow of doubt its my kids, they get very excited when they see the postman delivering my goodies my son especially hands me the parcel because he gets to the door first then he waits beside me till I open it, he wont let me leave it unopened, then he examines every strand/ pack and tells me how beautiful they are they are both very encouraging and love to see whet I make and they always want to try on “even my 4 yr old son”

Where does the magic happen?Initially I used the kitchen table till my stash started to grow then it got moved to my spare room which is now know as my jewellery room

Where else can you and or your work be found on-line?
caroline’s cool jewels
Twitter cacooljewels

Thanks Caroline for joining in the Makers and Shakers interview and sharing your experiences.

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