Sunday, 24 June 2012

Spotlight Sunday - Wendi May New - illustration, silk painting, design work (digital)

Shockingly another week has gone by and already it Spotlight Sunday time make yourself a cuppa, pull up a chair and be prepared to be inspired.....
What’s your name?Wendi May New
In what form does your creating take?illustration, silk painting, design work (digital)
Describe your business? murals mostly at the mo

What are you offering?
I can help with lots of things - quite diverse, keen and enthusiastic, like learning new things and trying new things
willing to share ideas and also my skills

How did you get started on your present art/craft?

I went through art college and then taught in various establishments and met a lot of makers along the way and picked up a lot of skills

In a word, describe your creative process?detailed, intricate, colourful chaos

What inspires you the most?mostly visual things, everyday things, being outside, talking with other artists, === probably a crap answer!!
but i love getting ideas from vintage textiles, colourful objects, unusual scenes at a jumble sale - people watching --

Who inspires you the most?Other artists - contemporary illustrators

Where does the magic happen?in my dining room and cupboard under the stairs lol xxx

What’s the most valuable piece of advice you can give someone considering starting up a business as a creator?

Keep doing it - you can only please yourself and if you are happy your work will oooze this emotion which will make it an object of desire

Where else can you and or your work be found on-line?

Thank you Wendi for taking part and I know you have agreed to writing some articles for this blog. I've seen her work in the flesh so to speak and it's truly amazing!

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