Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Finding Time

Oddly enough, I find that women have a far harder time, finding time to create than men. Women always seem to need a reason for doing something creative......while men just do it.

I'm wondering if this is related to when kids come along, time is at a premium and we take on more responsibility, because I have certainly found that mothers in particular struggle with finding time.

Creating is something they tend to 'fit in' after all the other chores have been attended to and then they are usually too bushed to actually do anything.

Many times there is an overwhelming sense of guilt attached to this 'me' time. But, when examining it closer the problem seems to be self induced. I think that partners, husbands and the kids certainly benefit from having a happy, creative mother around and the kids can often be given their own 'workstation' to be made to feel a part of it all. If this is not possible you can always wait till the kids are in bed or at school.

One of the most important things however is to schedule in your time. Jot it on the calendar. An hours creating every day may not seem much, but multiply this by 5 days and then by 52 weeks and you will soon see how the hours stack up...around 250 hours a year.

The trick here is to block it in and do nothing else....just create. Within just 4 weeks you will see how the small pieces of your creativeness stack up, this then will help you carry on to make more. Little and often is the key and do not be distracted by anything else. The washing, hoovering, bed making.... and the ever growing list of other things that busy mums have to do will not suffer because you took an hour off, If anything you will find that because you have LESS time, the chores get done a lot quicker.

You owe it to your partner and kids. Frustration for not being able to create, often laden with excuses as to why you haven't, can lead to resentment. Better to have a cluttered happy home, than one where you can eat off the floor but the occupants are miserable.

Two quotations spring to mind here:

Creative Clutter is better than idle neatness.

A tidy house is the sign of a sick mind.

Why not write them out and pin them up for all your visitors to see :o)

Happy creating to all domestic Goddesses out there!

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Article (c) Sue Simson
Inspired by Script and North Yorkshire Weddings

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