Thursday, 14 June 2012

Starting anew!

I first created this blog a year ago.... but life got in the way. For some time I have been helping others start off their own small businesses, usually in encouragement only but sometimes in an advisory way.

As a way for starting afresh, I've sent the old post into 'Draft' and over time I will re look at and re edit the posts and try and bring them more up to date.

A lot has changed in a year. I have changed, my business has changed and my experience of running your own small business has changed and I hope I (and anyone else that wants to join in) will help each other, comment, share their work as well as their ideas and help form a great new community.

I started a new blog.... and suddenly came across this one.... same thoughts, same ideas, but with a different title. So, that's my reason for rehashing this old lady. Breathing new life into her and hopefully, with far more commitment this time!

I hope in time, you will feel comfortable and confident enough to wave a big hello, come out of your hermit like room and interact with us all, so we can get to know each other.

So, I raise my glass to a bright new blog and looking forward to meeting new friends.

(c) Sue Simpson
Inspired by Script and North Yorkshire Weddings

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Mark Johnston said...

It's great that this has returned Sue...I look forward to trying to help you and everyone related to it.
Keep up your stunning work
Mark x