Saturday, 16 June 2012

Exposing yourself or Flashing for Beginners

Ok… you are new to this Making and Shaking business. You love creating, but haven’t a clue where to start when it comes to ‘Putting It Out There’ right? You hate the very idea of the word ‘Marketing’ and would prefer to stay away from such stuff….but the bottom line is this:

No publicity = no sales

And whether you like it or not you HAVE to get into the mode of thinking, that if you don’t ‘Put It Out There’ no one will find you…..EVER!

One of the first things I suggest you do, it get yourself a blog! Personally I prefer rather than wordpress (and I have tried both) mainly for it’s ease of use and uncomplicated instructions. Very soon you will be on your way. 

Another great thing about Blogger, is it's supported by Google so with regular postings you will soon find yourself up the ranks and being found by people from all over the world!

Take pictures of EVERYTHING YOU CREATE...all of your work, add them to your blog and write a little about your thought process, the way you created it and engage with others to make a comment.

Comment on others blogs too, so they can trackback and have a look at yours, this way a large network of other creators is born. If you want to see how I did this, look at the first blog I created ‘The Creative Spirit’. I made a huge variety of friends and you will find them in the side bar.

Look at otherscraftersblogs to find inspiration and decide how you want your blog to look. There are many variations. 

The Creative Spirit was originally formed as an on-line journal of my life. I never expected anyone to find it never mind read it! Sadly, at the time I was not focused on the reason for the blog and I tended to jump around a little…. It ended up being more of a gossip blog….so learn from me and stay focused in your intentions.

Your blog is to showcase and share your work! Later when you have opened a shop or have a website, you will have a ready made following who you can direct to your items for sale.

One last thing….when you have created your blog or if your already have one, leave a comment on this post so others can also find you :o)

Please feel free to leave a comment... 
We love hearing from you!

(c) Sue Simpson - Inspired by Script and North Yorkshire Weddings


CJ said...

Great advice!

Sue Simpson said...

Thanks CJ and welcome to Makers and Shakers....I hope the advice you find will be useful. I'm really excited about this project :o)

Anonymous said...

Lots of excellent reading here, thanks! I had been researching on yahoo when I uncovered your publish, I’m going to add your feed to Google Reader, I look forward to much more from you.

Steve Smith said...

Another great bit of advise. Its always good to share and you do it best. :o)